The Most Effective ACT Preparation in the St. Louis Area


Quick Facts about full-length course results

  • Approximately 70% of our known student data show an increase of 3 or more points.

  • Approximately 35% of our known student data show an increase of 5 or more points.

  • The average composite score improvement of our known student data is 4 points.


Our curriculum is student-centered and, because of this, we are able to help students procure some of the best results in the area. With a deliberate focus on practicing relevant skills over a sustained period of time, our students are not only ready for the test but are also able to adapt to the rigors of college.


percentage of full-length course students for each composite score increase


Data is based on student feedback from our full-length course


Student & Parent Testimonials

“The class greatly benefited my daughter’s confidence and score on the ACT. She went from an original 21 to a 26. This boosted her to much higher scholarships and a better beginning in college admissions!” - Parent (Score: 26)

“I got a 34! The sections I am really proud of are English (got a 35, which is a 2 point improvement from the ACT I took in October) and Science (got a 35, which is a 10 point improvement).” - Student (Score: 34)

“Thank you so much for all the great tips. They really helped me a lot and I owe much of my improvement to your class.” - Student (Score: 34)

“The real value to my daughter in the class you provided was that she continued to stretch her brain towards learning.” - Parent (Score: 27)

“Taking your ACT course definitely helped me achieve a great score!” - Student (Score: 33)

“You gave me the foundation I needed to succeed, so thank you! You rock! I have never felt more proud of myself than I did when I got my score back and knew that all of my hard work had paid off. The studying was beyond worth it. I will be attending college next fall and I just got accepted into the Honors Program at the end of last week!” - Student (Score: 31)

“I improved my scores so much for this ACT [from a 23 to a 30]! I have never been so proud and I definitely it is because of your class!” - Student (Score: 30)