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Patrick Jennewein

Founder, Curriculum Designer, Instructor.

Jennewein founded REWIRE in January 2017 after noticing a gap between what other organizations offered and what high school students of St. Louis needed. While other programs boasted “tips and tricks,” a curriculum encompassing only six or seven classes, and instructors who had not deliberately studied the nuances of this important test, he rightfully saw that students’ test scores (and scholarship opportunities) were not being maximized.

After recognizing this, Jennewein designed the most comprehensive ACT course available to the St. Louis community by offering over 40 hours of in-class instructional time and deliberately focusing on in-depth thought processes rather than “tips and tricks.” Shortly after this, and without marketing the program, more partnerships arose around the St. Louis community. To date, Jennewein has worked with hundreds of students while offering a premier brand of instruction.