Our Mission:

Affordable College Admissions.

We seek to positively impact St. Louis-area high school students by expanding their opportunities to obtain college admissions and scholarships through effective ACT preparation, while simultaneously driving an appreciation for skills-based learning and work ethic. 


We Provide Rigorous, Accessible ACT Preparation to St. Louis-Area Students.

We are St. Louis educators dedicated to the success of St. Louis area students. By focusing only on quality instructors and curriculum, we are nimble enough and designed specifically to adapt as we must to serve our students. In other words, we are not constrained by the lethargic corporate infrastructure that fails to put quality at the forefront.

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We Have Impacted the St. Louis Community.

Founded in January 2017, Rewire has quickly become one of the largest independent ACT preparation organizations in the St. Louis area.  While building on the success of our current students, we are still striving to maximize the opportunities for more St. Louis-area students.




We have helped students in high school classrooms, 250-person university lecture halls, and local coffee shops achieve their college admissions goals.



With each course averaging 40 hours of classroom instruction, we offer more classroom hours than any other ACT preparation program in the area.



The price of most in-person prep courses ranges from $899 to more than $1,500. Our courses dramatically slash this price while offering higher quality.



Average Undergraduate Debt



Average Student Loan Monthly Payment


We Understand the Stakes of the ACT.

There are so many reasons why securing an ACT score that demonstrates a student's actual ability is important. However, one of the most important reasons for gaining those few extra points is the rising cost of college.  Many test prep organizations ignore the exceedingly high tuition costs; we use it to drive the importance of our instruction.